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Novel air sterilizing machine connected to a head air crown and capable of producing clean air free of microorganisms (viruses and bacteria)

Description :

1- The air conditioning system in hospitals in negative pressure rooms is based on using HEPA filters that are considered as the primary technology. It appears that HEPA filters are extremely expensive and not highly effective against airborne contamination with a pore size of around 0.3 micron. The used pore size is still higher than the diameter of several viruses including covid-19 (approx. 0.12 micron). Thus, contaminated air is being recycled inside the room without a complete purification causing potential infection of the medical staff and putting their lives on the line every day. 2- The use of surgical or N 95 masks is not totally capable of protecting the medical staff and for this reason we are observing several infections and/or death cases in the medical teams in Lebanon and worldwide. The pore size of this type of masks can vary between 2 microns and 0.3 micron (N 95). Breathing for a long number of hours throughout N 95 mask is quite hard to be achieved in addition the mask should be highly tight on face to avoid any viral infection, thus resulting many side effects such as skin damage, scars and pressure ulcer. Thus, the medical staff will have to use more protective equipment including masks (P 100, FFP3, etc.) with even a smaller pore size making it harder to complete their work. In addition, due to covid-19 outbreak from epidemic to pandemic and lack of these equipment’s worldwide the medical teams are more at risk of getting infected (in Lebanon some hospitals provide only one mask a day by staff member, and it can’t be changed for whatsoever reason). 3- Medical staff are working in very hard physical conditions that are affecting their efficiency and productivity in addition to their psychological conditions. The protective equipment are very difficult to handle and should be kept tight on body such as mask in order to avoid any intrusion of infected air. Thus, highly tight masks may cause several skin damages to the staff and other breathing problems. Furthermore, these equipment will increase their body temperature.

Titulaire :
LOUKA Nicolas

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Projet présenté au CR, le : 01/11/2020

Projet achevé auprès du CR : 31/10/2021