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Prepare your visit

Our team is at your disposal to provide you with information and to organize your global or thematic visits, as well as your educational workshops. A preparatory tour for teachers can be provided. You may also consult or download our publications for the general public..

Guided tour

A guided tour averages one hour. It is offered to large groups and on the reservation. A viewing of a documentary on Lebanon during its Prehistoric era, lasting 13 minutes, completes the visit.

Educational workshop

Educational and entertaining workshops (Fees) aimed at children and teens are organized throughout the year. This activity is available both for schools (Tuesday to Friday) and groups outside of the school setting (Saturdays).

These workshops focus on a particular theme closely linked to prehistory (pottery, ornaments, parietal paintings, eating habits...). Participants acquire further knowledge of the needs, techniques, gestures, inventions, discoveries, the prehistoric men's ways of living, their traditions, their environments... After a short presentation of the historic and archeological data relative to the theme chosen, the participants craft the object (pottery, painting, ornaments...) using the techniques and materials which were used by our ancestors. In the end each may keep their craft.