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Inaugurated in the year 2000, the Museum of Lebanese Prehistory is a small, specialized museum that offers to the public the results of archeological investigations conducted by the Jesuit scholars between the end of the 19th century and the year 1975.

It consists of a permanent exhibit developed on both a scientific and didactic basis, recounting the Lebanese human journey, which dates back 1 million years.

Visitors are invited to return back time and discover Man's evolution as well as his way of life, his inventions, his techniques, his traditions, etc. through different mediums such as objects on display, models, experimental reconstructions, iconography, and accompanying explanatory writing. All whilst staying on theme, chronology is integrated into this journey, namely the 4 main prehistoric periods: the Palaeolithic, the Epipalaeolithic, the Neolithic, and the Chalcolithic.

Thus, this journey across Our Origins covers a scale of time between 1 million years ago and 3000 BC. Visitors will also tackle methods of research and analysis applied within the study of Prehistory.