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Kitāb al-burhān ‘alā ṣaḥīḥ al-īmān of Elias of Nisibis

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It is an Edition of one very important book written by the Nestorian Metropolitan of Nisibis Elias who lived and died in the 11th century. In his book Elias explains the main dogmas of Christianity (Trinity and Christological doctrine) and explains them according to the faith of his church. In his work one might find some parts written an apologetic way defending Christian faith from the accusations of Judaism and Islam. The main purpose, however, of the author is to defend the Orthodoxy of the Christology of his church, therefore the major part of his book is polemical against Melkites and Jacobites. This research will also offer an English translation of this work and an analysis of its main topics and doctrines, like: the nature of biblical quotation and their function in the text; the Trinitarian doctrine in front of the accusations of Judaism and Islam; the author’s exposition of the history of the ecumenical councils and the development of Christian dogma; his Christological polemic against Jacobites; his Christological polemic against Melkites; other polemical elements based on liturgy, prayer and fasting.

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