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The effect of application time of different concentrations of home bleaching on color change and tooth sensitivity: A split mouth design.

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Dental home bleaching is a minimally invasive technique used to enhance the shade of the anterior teeth, that became extremely popular with the rising demands for an esthetic and natural smile among patients (24). Several studies have been already performed to check the right concentration and the right product to obtain the best color outcome (3,9,20) . However, while reviewing the literature, only one article studied the effect of treatment time duration in weeks (2 or 3 weeks) on the efficacy of at-home bleaching (25), and one article studied the effect of different daily application times on the final outcome (23). In fact, dentists usually follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations on the period of application without referring to an evidence-based reference. Therefore, in order to obtain a conclusive answer for this topic with higher accuracy, there is a need for additional clinical research with a split-mouth design that studies the effect of application time on the final bleaching results and the degrees of sensitivity associated with each time period.

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Projet présenté au CR, le : 15/04/2022

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