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Modeling and Implementing a new secure ICS Infrastructure based on decentralized architecture

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This thesis aims to develop new models of infrastructure and attack accurately. The dependencies with other entities (people, others critical infrastructures, etc.) have to be taken into account in order to obtain pertinent attack scenarios. This representation must lead to new models of attackers, more realistic and implementing external components of the infrastructure which belong to its immediate environment. Therefore, the main objectives of this thesis are: 1. The design of a realistic models and the definition of objects representing secure ICS infrastructures as well as the attackers they are confronted with. In order to improve the security of ICS infrastructures, a decentralized architecture must be provided. 2. The design of a general methodology for the assessment of the security of critical infrastructures. This security is evaluated by assessing the threats and vulnerabilities. 3. In order to validate the proposed models and methodologies, a research demonstrator in the form of an evaluation platform must be developed. 4. Finally, the last step will be to evaluate an existing system from the platform by implementing the proposed methodology on an existing infrastructure. The objective of this last step is to validate the models, the methodology and the algorithms to propose an improvement if necessary.

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Projet présenté au CR, le : 01/03/2018

Projet achevé auprès du CR : 01/03/2021