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Dentoskeletal changes during non-growing class II correction using the Damon technique: A cephalometric study

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The Damon philosophy has gained its popularity and is being applied by many orthodontists all over the world. This technique became well-known for its shorter treatment time, less painful mechanics and expansion of the buccal segments. Although there are no evidence-based studies regarding the Damon technique in the correction of class II malocclusion, it has been widely used based on the clinical experience of its inventors. The early use of class II elastics has been criticized by many scientific authors as their effects tend to increase the vertical dimension and lead to the uncontrolled cant of the occlusal plane angle. Since no study has evaluated the Damon mechanics and its effects during class II correction, the aim of this study is to assess its dentoskeletal modifications on class II non-growing patients.

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Projet présenté au CR, le : 01/09/2021

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