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Comparison Between Two Different Tissue-Level Implant Systems: A Prospective Clinical Study

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The objective of this prospective study is to compare clinically and radiographically two different tissue-level implants, in single-tooth restorations in the posterior maxilla and mandible. Twenty male and/or female adult patients, in need of a single-tooth replacement in the posterior maxillary or mandibular area will be recruited. The implant site is prepared according to the drilling sequence of each system. At this point, primary stability will be recorded. After a healing time of 3 months secondary implant stability will be evaluated. Impressions will be taken at the implant level. Abutments will be fixed on the implants with titanium screws. Final cemented restorations will be fabricated within 2 weeks of referral. Radiographic evaluation will take place at three time periods: at baseline (at implant placement), 3 months after implant placement (at implant loading) and 12 months / 1 year after implant loading.

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Projet présenté au CR, le : 10/01/2019

Projet achevé auprès du CR : 10/07/2020