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Internship 2

This course includes weeks of internship (which number shall consist, in combination with the course of Internship 1, of a minimum of 16-weeks), according to a special program approved for each student, during which the professor in charge of the subject closely accompanies the student. The Course of Internship 2 aims at training the students in the related institutions to the application of the laws in practice and at refining their theoretical knowledge with practical experiences including understanding how work progresses in judicial institutions such as public prosecutions and courts and undertaking some roles in various institutions including law firms and private companies, etc.

Temps présentiel : 0 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 40 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Rapport de stage

Les prérequis de ce cours sont les suivants
 التدريب العملي 1
Ce cours est proposé dans les diplômes suivants
 Bachelor of law