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Economics, Management, Banking, Insurance / Computer Science for Business

Institute of Business Administration (IGE)

The Master trains information systems professionals who understand how an organization works, its structures and its strategic imperatives. At the end of the curriculum, graduate students will have developed all the necessary skills for exercising their future profession: the design, the development, the management of information systems and their evolution, in order to define, formalize and automate the implementation of functional solutions. The Master degree leverages the use and sound understanding of new technologies that allow IT solutions to constantly evolve (DevOps), improve decision making (ML and AI), implement digital transformation (IoT, BPM, blockchain) and enable the interoperability among systems (middleware, services and APIs).


  • • Train versatile professionals, specialists in Information Technology, with a developed sense of communication and good knowledge of the enterprise and business world.
  • • Develop skills allowing to intervene at different levels
    • - Implement the digital transformation of companies
    • - Design the architecture of information systems and automate the software production cycle
    • - Lead projects, make decisions or start a business


Targeted positions:
  • • IT Solutions architect
  • • IT Consultant
  • • Project manager
  • • IT Manager
  • • Devops specialist
  • • Entrepreneur

  • Areas of employment:

  • • IT services and engineering companies
  • •Major providers of Internet services and products, and social medias
  • • Financial institutions and public administrations
  • • Large companies
  • • Consulting firms


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