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Economics, Management, Banking, Insurance / Marketing and Advertising

Institute of Business Administration (IGE)

The Master in Marketing and Advertising at IGE offers a wide variety of courses about the different facets of marketing from the first semester of the first year. Teaching is provided by professors well-known for their academic research and by professionals working in leading companies or in their own companies The program includes around 250 hours of courses entirely dedicated to marketing, dealing with marketing innovation, branding, communication, digital marketing, social media as well as tools for research in marketing. In addition, the master ends with the writing and oral defense of a thesis.


Train managers specialized in marketing and communication, with multiple skills such as being able to:

  • • Manage a product, a range, an event
  • • Create and develop strong brands
  • • Design, implement and control communication strategies (above-the-line, below-the-line, digital or internal communication)


Targeted positions:
  • • Product Manager, Brand Manage
  • • Account Manager, Communication Coordinator
  • • Digital Communication Specialist, Social Media Coordinator
  • • E-commerce Manager, Sales Manager.
  • • CRM Manager, Market Research Manager

  • Areas of employment:

  • • Manufacturers or Services companies
  • • Social Media or Internet companies (Facebook, Google…)
  • • Distribution and retail companies (Fattal, Abou Adal…)
  • • Advertising network and media agencies, Events agencies
  • • Market Research Institutes or Consulting companie


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