• English global - Course II 2011-2012


English global – Course II
Mardi de 11h00 à 13h00

20 séances

Speak Better: Follow the Rules
• Oral drills: improving automatic responses, the Howley’s method
• Advanced structures in use
• Refresh previous learning
• Remedial English: Find the mistake

Practice: The language Lab
• Listen and imitate
• Record your voice
• Correct yourself

Writing: The A+ Student

• If I were twenty/ Causes to fight for /On line dating/the man/the woman of
my dreams/ It happened to me

• Narrating: we all have a story to tell
• Dialoguing/interviewing/debating
• Letter-writing: a formal letter/e-letters
• Commenting/book/film reviewing
• Describing
• Writing a biography

Reading : on your own
• A non simplified novel

Checking Acquisitions
• Punctual testing
• Progress chart /upgrading

Course I (Intermediate level) and Course II (advanced level) are complementary.
For faster progress, the candidates are advised to register for the two courses.

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