The USJ HRI Department visited UNIFIL 368 Maritime Task Force – Indonesian Warship KRI Frans Kaisiepo

Dimanche 5 Mars 2023

The Indonesian Embassy in Beirut, in collaboration with the Warship KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368, held a ship tour activity which was attended by 50 students and instructors from the HRI Department of Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

During the tour, the participants watched various videos and cultural dances performed by the KRI FKO-368 crew. They also toured around the warship and were guided by officers who presented the role of the KRI in the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force (MTF) world peace mission. In between the activities, the participants also enjoyed a variety of typical Indonesian market snacks and drinks.

Prof. Christian Taoutel expressed his deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut and KRI FKO 368. He also thanked the TNI for the role it has always been playing in the UNIFIL in Lebanon in terms of maintaining security and peace. He also commended them for their involvement in the recent rescue mission of a refugee ship that sank off the shores of Tripoli in North Lebanon.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Hajriyanto Y. Thohari revealed that one of the Indonesian Embassy's missions is to strengthen relations between the Lebanese and Indonesian people, to get to know each other, and to build good cooperative relations in the interests of both countries. "This ship tour event is one of our collaborations to pave the way for this mission," he concluded.

Thank you Embassy of Indonesia in Lebanon.

Thank you UNIFIL for your peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts.